Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Awwwwwwwkward!!! UPDATED AGAIN

Updated 3/11/09: You'll see at the bottom of the original blog, a reader had pointed out a likely swipe. Frazetta's striped shirt guy looks a lot like the character on the cover of FLASH FOR FREEDOM. Frazetta's striped guy is named FLASH in a book called FREEDOM. In a Newsarama interview, Mark Kidwell talks about developing the character from the Frazetta drawing, but the Flash character seems to pre-date even the book the image seems to be swiped from. Maybe there are significant differences between his version and the one found in FLASH FOR FREEDOM and only the aesthetics are similar.

When a company writes their own interview and article that appears on a site, isn't that generally considered a press release and labeled as such? And when you're trying to publicize your products but send the same exact (word for word) canned interview to two competing sites, what are the odds that you'll piss them both off and be that much less of a priority next time you want them to cover you?

UPDATE: A reader pointed out that there appears to be a possible swipe in play here. Compare the images used in the "interviews" above with the image from the cover of FLASH FOR FREEDOM:

What do you think?

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