Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Fantastic Four Movie Reboot?

From Rottentomatoes.com:


IESB.net broke the exclusive news this week that 20th Century Fox, which is developing reboots of Marvel's Daredevil and their Planet of the Apes franchise, now also has plans to reboot Fantastic Four completely from scratch. This means none of the same cast will return, and most importantly (I think) neither will director Tim Story, who arguably exaggerated the lighter aspects of the classic Marvel Comics title, so much that it became just plain goofy and basically a kids movie. Both recent movies were hits ($290 million and $330 million), but they were also critically reviled (26% and 35% on the Tomatometer), and are generally unpopular with comics fans. IESB.net says that Fox wants the new version to be "less bubble gum" and more like Iron Man.

Yeah...every studio wants their superhero movies to be like Iron Man or Dark Knight now. It's ridiculous that they tend to think that making the movies exactly like previous blockbusters will lead to them raking in the cash. Never mind that, if it were that easy, there'd be a billion dollar movie out every weekend.

By the way, Hollywood is running out of ideas when it makes a Donkey Punch movie. I'd expect a movie with that title to be made in the valley, not by the studios.

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