Sunday, March 01, 2009

Given The NY Post Cartoon Reaction...

Why has no one been up in arms about this game, released after Obama was virtually locked as the Democrat's nominee?


  1. Because it came out before he was President, nearly locked Democratic nomination or not.

    Also, the monkey isn't lying in a pool of blood after having been shot by two cops, one of whom comments on a controversial piece of legislation that the president helped to author, suggesting an unflattering comparison between the monkey & Obama.

  2. It is to the American Conscience's great misfortune that we didn't elect Colin Powell, or another man of color who bears less simian resemblance than our own President Obama. (IT'S THE EARS)

  3. Nobody is up in arms over it because it has probably been in development months prior and nobody sees the racist connection except overly politically correct liberals and racists themselves.

    I know when I saw the game my first thought was "That looks retarded."

    Not "OMG RACIST!" and begin internet rage.

  4. Oh yeah. This seems like kind of a lame and easily debunked way to stir up drama. Racist, IMO.

  5. One hip anonymous poster said: "I know when I saw the game my first thought was 'that looks retarded.'"

    My first thought as well. Then I wondered how, in a post-Obama-election world, it had managed to sit there without even slightly becoming an issue (seeing as how it had it's own marked spot on the Best Buy shelves). If people were so quick to see malice and racism in the cartoon, there surely had to be someone who'd see the same here (possibly even more infuriated by the cutesy way it was delivered).

    Another hip anonymous poster said: "Oh yeah. This seems like kind of a lame and easily debunked way to stir up drama. Racist, IMO."

    So...the game isn't racist, but asking why it gets a complete free pass while the NY Post cartoon gets torn to shreds is, in fact, racist?

  6. Using race as nothing more than a sensationalistic talking point is racist, you racist.

  7. FYI: I don't think the game is racist. Like someone pointed out, it had to likely have been in development for awhile (whether the title had been decided upon back then or not). I do find it interesting that one of the developers blogged about the game during the last year or so of development and that all comments sections for his Hail to the Chimp blogs seemed to be closed (but with at least one having a couple of posted comments, showing that closed comments isn't just how the developer's blogs are from the start). I wonder what reactions might have been there.

  8. A returning hip anonymous poster said:

    "Using race as nothing more than a sensationalistic talking point is racist, you racist."

    So I'm using this to support my disagreement on whether the NY Post cartoon is racist and THAT makes me racist?

  9. And I am HEP. Not hip.

    And hep is not short for hepatitus.


  10. Hi! I'm the original hipster that said it was retard.

    Yes the NY Post cartoon is racist. Though it is hilarious that it even got published.

    It does not matter what their blogs said at the time. It was innocently made with the aim to teach young kids (my guess ages 6-14 though it carries a teen rating) about campaigns and the government. It is cutesy and they probably picked a monkey for the cover since they sell and are a far more identifiable animal for the target audience.

    Finally you may not think you are racist, but by putting the spotlight on this innocently made game for being racist you are in fact being racist yourself. It is a sick, vicious circle that you won't get out of.

    Oh and I did put my name on here for you this time.

  11. Oh, I'm sure "Mr. Hootington" is your real name. :) But I do appreciate you giving me something to work with.

    And, judging from the development blogs on the Huffington Post, I don't actually believe the game was made for children. So you can take the "made for kids" part out. Also, a T rating wouldn't be aimed at an age group starting at 6 years old.

  12. Oh, lest I leave your faulty logic and baseless assertions unaddressed.

    I took the nonsense behind why that NY Post cartoon "had to be" a racist shot at Obama (chimp, pointing to something Obama was involved with, etc) and wondered aloud why it hadn't been applied to something like this game.

    If that's all it takes to be considered racist by you...well...I'm glad you're just some anonymous person all the way on the other side of the internet and I'll leave it at that. ;)

  13. LOL. Huffington Post? Really? That can be said about any news agency, blog, ect. though.

    Yes the NY Post cartoon is racist in the way it is presented, but if it isn't racist it is a least in bad taste.

    No your right the game is geared towards teens, but the cartoony graphics make it seemed geared towards a younger age group. Oh and the T rating is a joke. Alcohol and tobacco? Crude Humor? Mild cartoon violence? They can watch that in old Looney Toons. Oh wait the Political Correctness squad made sure that won't happen.

    Yes I said you are being racist. I didn't say you are a racist. It is something we all deal with unknowingly every day. It is something that is just ingrained into us in these hypersensitive time.

    Finally I get the feeling you might believe I was the other posters. I am not them. Just the first one that got that ball rolling.

  14. Oh, I agree about video game ratings being a joke, but I still think that it demonstrates (to some extent) what group they were marketing to.

    And in case you thought I was joking: Michael Mann blogging his Developer's Diary for the game on Huffington Post

    Thank you for the clarification on feeling I was being RACIST rather than actually being A RACIST. As you can imagine, I still disagree...but I grant you it is possible that I could be wrong.

  15. Isn't the title a refrence to a made up movie that Homer sees in an episode of the simpsons?


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