Saturday, January 24, 2009

Can Marvel Clue In Their Marketing Guy?

Jim McCann is one of the best in the business in getting the word out about Marvel Comics. He does a killer job on the convention circuit and in so many other marketing methods many of you may not take notice of.

So, how in the hell is he given the impression that a book (Captain Britain & MI13) is canceled only for someone at Marvel to contact Newsarama that it isn't true?

When I was asked about books that did better than expected, Cap & MI 13 was one of those books. The story, the creative team, and critical reception was through the roof. Unfortunately, the audience left after Secret Invasion tie ins. That podcast was recorded before the cancellation came down & we were all hoping it would stay longer. ... And guys, I am just as sorry as the rest of you that the book is cancelled. All I can say is if you like a low-to-mid-tier book, tell your friends, encourage others to pick it up.

I know that McCann is finally getting a crack at writing the funny books, but Marvel would be smart not to have him out of the loop on this type of stuff until he officially is just a freelance writer without a nameplate at the Marvel home office. It's not good to leave the PR voice of Marvel hanging out to dry like that.


  1. Kinda strange thing to be doing especially in the current climate, where DC layed off a competent editor like Bob Schreck

  2. Just so it is clear: I'm not knocking McCann for this error, but whoever didn't make sure the correct information was in his hands earlier on.


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