Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sad Blogger Is Sad

I'm not sure how many of you might recall, but Dean Trippe and Rachel Edidin had announced the launch of SEQUENTIAL HEART. In Ms. Edidin's own words:

"Sequential Heart was originally going to focus on sending comics to kids displaced by natural and human disasters, but we've since expanded that to focus on displaced, homeless, and disadvantaged kids in general."

I contacted them last February about making a donation. The response was that they'd contact me to make arrangements once the website was up and running.

I kept checking the website for awhile and continued to see "coming soon". I figured I'd hear back eventually.

I just checked today...and the domain name has expired, according to what was found at http://www.sequentialheart.org on 1/16/09. Now, it doesn't even pull up an expiration message.

I sent an e-mail to Dean Trippe over the weekend but haven't received a response.


  1. At least you get to toot your own horn, dawg! Good for you! ;)

  2. You're right; that's tacky. I forgot I had put that part in there when I typed it up last Friday. I'll remove that.

  3. DC solicits on Newsarama give away one of the Black Lanterns in the bottom with the action figures :)

  4. We've been crazy busy, and while a lot of people have contacted us to donate, almost none have wanted to volunteer or help with storage, which was what we needed most immediately. Dean has a new baby, so I've basically been running SH out of my living room, around a full-time job and a lot of other time commitments.

    If you want to donate books right now, I'd suggest that you contacting local homeless shelters and youth programs first.

    Rachel Edidin


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