Friday, January 30, 2009

Kubert's New Avengers Cover

Who the heck is the guy in the wrestling one piece?


  1. Do you mean Luke Cage (on the left of Ms. Marvel) or Ronin (on the right)?

  2. It's probably Ronin/Hawkeye in his ninja suit.

    I'm curious as to why Marvel want Kubert back, aside from that they still think he is a draw. I like his work but wasn't he notoriously slow at DC. People might be put off his Marvel stuff as they will be expecting delays.

  3. Anyone who thinks I'm talking about Ronin doesn't know what a wrestling one piece looks like. I don't know whether that speaks ill or well of you. ;)

    Luke Cage has eschewed his casual wardrobe for a wrestling one piece? The hell?

  4. I think that's a tank top. And pants.

  5. Interesting that Spider-Man has his feet tucked behind his head after the screwing that Quesada has given him.

  6. The "wrestling one piece" you refer to is called a "singlet," which is traditionally one colour, and ends at the things, neither of which describe the outfight Luke Cage is wearing.

    Luke Cage, however, has been wearing a tank top/jeans combo for the last few years.

    Exhibit A:

    Exhibit B:

    I'm sure there are more... :-)

  7. Argh. "Things" equals "Thighs."

    Although the comment is much funnier with the word "things."

  8. Look again: those "jeans" show muscle definition above the knee that pretty much isn't possible in denim material. The "tank top" ends behind the forearm in such a way that can be interpreted as ending "at the things" ;)

    You can't display sculpted leg muscles in jeans. You can show bulk, but not true definition. The way the thigh at the knee is shown, there is sculpting. Maybe some high end designer could come up with something, but, despite Bendis having a mancrush on Luke, he's not metrosexual enough to seek out such.

    So, he's either wearing a singlet (thanks, btw) or the artist is taking some very 90s liberties. I'll concede that the latter is more likely, of course. ;)

  9. And yet Spider-Man's legs don't seem to bother you nearly as much. ;)


  10. Hey, flexibility is one of his hallmark traits, is it not? ;)


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