Wednesday, January 07, 2009

I Know I Hibernated For A Few Weeks...

But when did putting Willingham and Sturges on JSA after a bunch of fill-in issues become a smart decision?

Thank God I found out about this move by listening to the Funny Book Babylon podcast. It helps to have the source of the info already railing on how stupid an idea it is.

You know, Willingham is a great pick. I mean, who doesn't want half of the team working on DCU: Decisions to get on JSA ASAP? Or the guy who wasted away the last few issues of the Blue Beetle series on a gimmick immigration story (after, as the FBB guys point out, the series had a few flailing fill-ins before Sturges settled in)?

And did one of them actually argue that the JSA is a lot like FABLES, only without talking animals?


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  1. I have seen complaints elsewhere about Willingham going to JSA. Personally I like the idea, and I'll give it a chance before hating on it at least. Willingham can certainly handle a book with a large cast.


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