Monday, January 12, 2009

Maybe There Is Hope For JSA After All...

From Bill Willingham's comments in his own blog up on Big Hollywood/Breitbart:

Full Metal, yes, I will be writing the JSA starting soon (I’m not entirely sure just at the moment which issue will be my first, and I’m too lazy to walk across the room and look it up), along with my frequent writing partner Matt Sturges. This will indeed be the first test to see if I can hold to my guns. And since JSA is a DC company owned series my only real weapon is the last resort kind. If they insist on imposing too many changes from above, ones that would corrupt my shiny new mission statement, then I’d have to reluctantly walk.

This is the first time I'm rooting for editorial interference.

The actual opinion put forth in the blog itself only strengthen my desire to see Willingham & Sturges off/never on JSA.


  1. Hopefully your wish will never come true! Go Willingham! Hell, I'm OK with you putting your political views in there too.

  2. JSA is one of my favorite books, but the future looks bleak.

  3. Go back to stalking Dan Slott.

  4. I'm just not a Willingham fan. I've read his stuff, but put him in the same file as Azzarello* and Simone. The one marked "I Don't Get The Fascination".

    *Although I will concede that the first trade of Loveless, while it seemed a plot that could have been done in just 3 issues, was actually the best thing I've ever read of his.

    -Mean Jeff

  5. Kudos to Bill Willingham and YAY AMERICA!


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