Friday, November 14, 2008

300 Fitness Craze Still Kicking

Who knew that over a year and a half after it was released in theaters, 300's influence would still be found in gym's across the country?

Shortly after the release of the movie, there were many articles about the grueling workout routine the actors were put through to get them ripped. An overwhelming number of the exercises (if not all) involved the use of a kettlebell. It became a hot fad that trainers and clients embraced.

In November 2008, you can still see those gyms and trainers resistant to the movement back in 2007 now adopting it. While the local Bally Total Fitness gyms in my area don't have a large variety of kettlebells, but they certainly have several and trainers putting clients through their paces with them.

Who would have ever imagined when Frank Miller's beautiful mini-series came out that it might, in a roundabout way, lead to a new fitness craze?

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