Friday, November 07, 2008

Zuda Week: Baby Monsters

OK, I'm cheating on the last one for the week, but only because I'm so sure that I'll be doing this again soon.

BABY MONSTERS (by Steve Broome) only has 8 pages, but it looks like it has potential.

Presumably set in the future, super powers can be given to people. Don't really know exactly how, yet, but it does seem to involve surgery of some sort. Seems to be an attempt to make a better soldier for some kind of use.

Yeah, that's all kind of sketchy, I admit. But the character designs are solid and the coloring really makes the art shine. It isn't that the art is bad on its own, but it is clear that the coloring and shading puts it over-the-top.

The 8th page gives a strong hint that I'm going to like the direction this webcomic is going in. It sets up potential conflict and goals, much the same way that the whole "save the cheerleader, save the world" thing did for HEROES Season One. Of course, it doesn't hurt that Broome has the sense of humor to include a "30 minute pig orgasm" as one of the apparent powers that can be given out (or side effect of one, at least).

No need to rush over to it right away, as I believe it will be a more satisfying read when the pages available double. But I guess Mr. Broome would probably prefer you run over there and vote for it early and often.


  1. The art is nice, but oy, that font. Comic Sans, for chrissakes. He needs to get to stat and get something a little more eye-friendly...

  2. Well, everything involving the word balloons is the weakest part of the webcomic, thus far. I think it shows that lettering and word balloon design aren't some of Broome's talents, but they manage to be serviceable enough to allow you to follow the story.


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