Wednesday, November 05, 2008

How Hope Has Already Delivered

Yesterday, waiting in line to vote, I'd have to say that 1/4 of the people queued up to vote were what I'd call hip-hop's version of the college-age slacker. Instead of having a fake vintage t-shirt, ratty pants and mussed up hair, you'll find over-sized white t-shirt, sagging pants, and cornrows or a wave cap.

Cynics decry the participation of these youths because they imagine that they were all blindly voting for Obama based on his skin color.

I choose to see it as a whole new group becoming interested in the political system that is here to service us all.

I choose to see them as a small part of a larger group that might have a renewed interest and faith in the republic.

I'm hopeful about our country as much for the increased participation as I am for the Obama win.

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