Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Color Kid Says: Don't Forget To Vote No On Anti-Gay Marriage Propositions

Did you support Superman's right to marry Lois Lane?
Did you support Vision's right to marry the Scarlet Witch?
Did you support Starfire's relationship with Nightwing (or secretly wish you were him during that time)?

Well, to borrow Marc Guggenheim's logic, that means you don't think marriage has to even be between human beings, let alone the "traditional" combo.


  • Vote NO on Proposition 8 in California.
  • Vote NO on Proposition 2 in Florida.
  • Vote NO on Proposition 102 in Arizona.
Be someone's hero on Tuesday: help save their right to marry the one they love. Or, alternatively, do it to piss off Orson Scott Card. Whichever motivates you more.

(I'll be bumping this from time to time between now and the polls closing Tuesday night)

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