Friday, November 07, 2008

And I Really Used To Dislike Him Vol. II

The man who wrote SATANIC VERSES says he's a super-hero expert?

"I'm a world expert on superhero comics," Salman Rushdie told us last night at the New York Public Library's Library Lions benefit, where he was among the honorees. "I think maybe only Michael Chabon knows more than me." The Satanic Verses author owns oil paintings of Spider-Man and Wolverine, signed by Stan Lee. Also, he collected comic books as a kid, but, sadly, his father threw them away. "They’d be worth so much money now if he hadn’t done that. You know, 1950s and sixties Dell Comics, and Marvel; it would be worth a fortune,” he said. And while he hasn’t yet written a superhero into one of his novels, Rushdie's actually considering writing a comic book. "Just recently I’ve been approached by a couple of publishers of what are now called graphic novels to say, would I like to do one. And, I mean, I haven’t said yes. But I am quite interested."

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