Friday, November 21, 2008

Is Dan Didio On Speaking Terms With...Dan Didio?


We’re still locking down the writer on the Oracle miniseries, but Battle for the Cowl will be written and drawn by Tony Daniel, which we’re very excited about. This is the first time Tony’s written in a while, and he’s just champing at the bit to be able to do this, and we’re excited that he’s on the series.

From Hero Complex on the LA Times website:

Dan Didio: The first thing we’re going to see is called “Battle for the Cowl,” that’s going to be a book that features nearly every member of the Batman family

GB: Even Ace the Bat-Hound?

DD: [Laughs] Probably. We have a writer-artist team on this right now that’s scouring every book possible to see what they can include in these two-page spreads they want to build of all the characters that inhabit the Batman universe.

Unless Tony Daniel has MPD, there's no way I can see him referred to as "they" and "team". What's the deal?


  1. Inker, colorist, letterer could all be considered part of a "team." Also, there is a chance that the LA Times guy misquoted DD, considering real people with lives don't follow this shit as closely as you do. But that's some good muckraking there, Rich Johnston. Great job.

  2. You're using the alias of a red-headed alcoholic that likes to shove things up his butt for radio time...and you're calling me out on whether I have a life? Interesting.

    While the inker can be referred to as part of the team (which is a bit of a stretch), they're very rarely such a part of the story planning that they're researching for it with the writer & artist.

    Given that word was Grant Morrison was doing it, then Winick and, now, Tony Daniel...there's enough chaos going on with the project to question what's going on.

  3. Okay, I'll ask . . .

    To Davey Red:

    If Huxford isn't one of the "real people with lives", then why the fuck are you posting on his blog under an alias? Doesn't that make you a COMPLETE dipshit?

    Seriously, it's like you're pointing and yelling, "Ha ha, loser!", and yet you're terrified to attach your own real name to it.

    And yes, I'm posting anonymously, but only so that Kevin doesn't get the idea that I've suddenly become a fan. He doesn't need a bigger ego. You, Davey Red, apparently need some balls. And perhaps a T-shirt that says, "One cock at a time."

  4. One cock at a time? I don't get it.


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