Thursday, November 06, 2008

Update: Someone Always Has To Be The Turd In The Punch Bowl

Ralph Nader suggests Obama might be an Uncle Tom.

Update: I'll reprint the opinion I shared in an e-mail discussion with friends and family:

To my thinking, the worst thing about this was that the use of the term was a calculated choice. Nader knows that he's nearly irrelevant to the 24 hour news channels now, so he won't get any of his contentions aired unless he uses an inflammatory term. It wasn't a slip of the tongue. It wasn't some sort of unemotional logic that led him to think it was perfectly fine to use. No, this was premeditated and strategic. It now ensures that he and his points will air in the short-term, but hasten their march towards complete irrelevancy in the long term.

The man really had some great thoughts about what we need to do as a nation, but will have as much chance of someone listening to him as Linden LaRouche has. And those news channels will be just as unlikely to give air time to a non-mainstream political thinker/candidate without some sort of shock value to it. To resort to hate language with no care over who it might hurt and no remorse for it when called on the carpet...and for what? For nothing.


  1. Hey Goo what's new?


  2. For Fox to call Nader out like that is absolutely nuts. Has the world gone crazy?!?

    In other news, Ralph Nader looses all credibility and sticks both his feet in his mouth all the way to the ankles.


  3. I had this same discussion on our message board with pretty much the same conclusions.

  4. Fox has apparently thrown Governor Palin under the bus and blames her for the clusterfuck of the McCain campaign.


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