Tuesday, November 18, 2008

UPDATE: Not To Harp, But...

Who's this new Vixen and why did they make her replacement a white woman?


That's supposed to be...

Ah, fuck it.

UPDATE: Just to kill the whole "Mari has always been relatively light-skinned" argument:

Of course, there's, also, the currently published Vixen mini-series that displays her as intended:

So why is it that whoever is coloring Howard Porter and Ed Benes seem intent on making her so many shades lighter to practically lose any visual clue of her ethnicity?


  1. Mari has always been relatively light-skinned vis-a-vis popular perceptions about race. However, she is clearly of a darker pigmentation than the very-pink Black Canary in front of her.

  2. She's never been Wesley Snipes dark, but she's never approached Adam Clayton Powell, Jr light, either.

    I've added a scan from Justice League Task Force that is more in keeping with what her established skin color actually is, ykw.

    And that is a very subtle difference between Black Canary and Vixen...which still doesn't mean that Vixen isn't being colored questionably.

  3. It's not just currently that Vixen's coloration has alternated. You don't have any pictures that go back to the Detroit Justice League, I remember her coloration alternating on a few occassion back then. I remember at first thinking she was supposed to be Hispanic based on the way she was colored. Perhaps it's up to the whim of the colorist, woever that may be.

  4. During the JLDetroit, we're about before all the coloring advances. You'd often get an issue that had ink bleed through the lines.

    If I can get a few of my JLDetroit issues scanned, I'll show you some examples that demonstrate that it wasn't as iffy as you're suggesting.


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