Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Pardon My Digression...

Maxim has named what they feel are the WORLD'S FUNNIEST WOMEN. I think nine out of the ten they name are solid picks (won't say who I think should be dropped), but one of those nine sticks out in my mind because I completely agree with their blurb assessment of her:

7. Aisha Tyler

The former Talk Soup host and Balls of Fury star isn't the "mugging for laughs" type, instead she just has this laid-back funny vibe that allows her to shrug off even her occasional bombs like it ain't no thing. But she's criminally underused; we wouldn't mind seeing a lot more Aisha around.
Emphasis is all mine. Selfish as it might be on my part, her attempts to have more of a mainstream career (her work on dramas like CSI and the such) are pissing me off since they've kept me from enjoying her comedic skills.

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  1. She was also a guest reviewer on Ebert & Roeper a while back. That was a pleasant surprise; I would have liked to see her do that again. She's good at "off the cuff."


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