Friday, May 30, 2008

Quesada Still Saying Its Magic

From the Wizard World Philly coverage of the BND panel over on Newsarama:

Asked if the "missing time" between OMD and BND will also address what was going on with Spider-Man in other titles, Quesada said that the more detail that you go into, the more complicated things can become. As a result, the plan is to keep things as clean and as simple as they can.

If that doesn't reaffirm JMS's statements that Quesada wanted to fall back on "it's magic, we don't have to explain it", I don't know what does.

There continues to be inconsistency in their statements regarding the Spider-Man changes...inconsistencies that only get worse with each time they open their mouth to answer questions.

I think they've taken the worst approach possible in their attempts to have their cake and eat it, too.

Marvel decided they wanted to make some significant changes to the character. That's great. That's their right. Take it and run with it.

But when you make significant changes like this, you're going to invalidate some stuff that went before and piss off some fans. Accept that as the cost of doing business instead of trying to say everything happened (when it couldn't possibly) and that you didn't really change anything other than the wedding not happening (when, again, that isn't possible).

As long as they continue to try to make it be everything to everyone even when that flies in the face of logic, they're going to find that this continues to be thorn in their side. Just make what sense of it that you can...cutting out what really can't fit in continuity...and move on.

And, for God's sake, don't try to compare the unanswered Spidey questions to how things are done in LOST...


  1. My impression has been, and will continue to be until proven otherwise, that they don't HAVE the answers.

    Clearly, the magic excuse was a lazy attempt to explain it all away, but it's not working. Q must be trying to wait the fans out, but we're not going to let it slide so easily ...

  2. That seems to be the philosophy: just wait out the griping. The reporting I read said there were groans when BND was brought up at WWP, so it doesn't seem to be passing as quick as they have anticipated.

  3. Hey Kevin,

    Long time lurker....thought I would drop in and see what you thought about this little tidbit from Tom Brevoort's latest blog entry:

    --Dan Slott and I talked through the storyline for AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #600 over lunch. It’ll either be one for the ages, or finito for the bunch of us.--

    I'm guessing the later....What do you think?

    Keep up the good work,

    Adam aka Rebeldragon

  4. I think that's more than a year away. I think it is probably some form of BS. Either an attempt to get people to give them a chance for at least that long or it is where they've always planned to let the other shoe drop on the BND deal.


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