Friday, May 30, 2008

Wizard World Philly: Boy I'm Glad I Didn't Go!

Wizard's new tagline for the convention (if/)when it returns next year:

Wizard World Philadelphia: We're Stuck Between NYCC and Wizard World Chicago...Please Come & Pretend Anything Exciting Is Happening Here

Or at least that's what I think it will be. There's a lot of "wait and see" being shared at the con this year, with the answers more likely to be given at a WWC or SDCC. Anything not being saved for those was likely shared in NYCC.


  1. This was my first WW Philly, and all I heard from other newbies to haggard vets was "god, this show is boring." And god, it was.
    The highlight had to be watching everyone avoid David Mack's table like the plague -- fallout from the new avengers tracing? On Sunday, he was drawing Echo... with his own print of the character to heavily reference and seemingly not for a commission or anyone in particular. Hilarious!
    Marvel pumped out annoying, obnoxious, and extremely loud pop and pop/rock music so you could barely talk to anyone signing. And the DC booth had some of the surliest artists of the show - Jim Califiori being one of the worst. Although Art Balazar and Franco were generally the best reason to be at the booth or artist alley all weekend.
    The Wizardworld and convention center staffs badgered everyone from one-day passers to artists... at least until they saw their badges.
    Funny notes: Amanda Conner either no-showed or was off with Jimmy Palmiotti the entire show as neither ever seemed to be at their booth. Ethan Van Sciver is working on an update of Cyber-frog (and Barry Allen: Flash book with Geoff Johns). Michael Golden is "kind of tired of his mainstream work being popular again." Wizard had out feelers all over for people to turn in resumes to become interns, writers, and editors.

  2. Wow...sounds like it was even more "special" than I thought. ;)

  3. "Wizard had out feelers all over for people to turn in resumes to become interns, writers, and editors."

    Ha ha.


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