Friday, June 27, 2008


Haven't been updating the blog over the last few days, because I'm in Chicago.

Wednesday night was karaoke and drinkin' with the Siegels and crew. This included butchering Journey's Don't Stop Believin'. Everyone else...and I mean everyone else...sang very well. This includes the guy who did the version of Sailing Away as Cartman.

During the advanced night of Wizard, I overheard a few people indicating they think the convention is dead. That's not talking about the number of fans attending, because they only had the three hours on Thursday night. No, the layout is what seems to be leading that discussion. The aisles seem to be larger, which, while all comfy for walking around, indicates that there are less exhibitors and possibly retailers.

Less exhibitors at the convention in full force can mean less attendees next year or possibly even this year. I'd have to say that, from the looks of the floor setup, NYCC has already surpassed Wizard World Chicago. We're quickly looking at the two biggest and brightest cons being on each of the coasts. While I'm personally happy about NYCC being higher in the pecking order due to it being much easier for me to attend than Chicago, I don't know if it is good that it comes at the expense of a convention more smack dab in the middle of the country.


  1. How on Earth do they let you into these things as a "journalist," for cripes' sake! ;)

  2. This time, I'm just a guy who bought a ticket. I missed the deadline for registering in advance and lost my business no press credentials.


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