Monday, June 16, 2008

Russert Was My Imam

I said the other day that Meet The Press was the Sunday trip to church for me. Of course, it was convenient for me since I could Tivo it and watch it at my leisure during the afternoon. God forbid you happened upon me on an afternoon where I found out that they bumped the show to a different time slot and Tivo failed to get an update on it. Sure, I'd get a late night replay on MSNBC, but then I might not have my weekly dose of MTP until Monday evening. That just wasn't acceptable.

My faith and my country run neck and neck for the top loyalty. More often than I'd care to admit, my country and its politics take the top spot. Tim Russert, for his dedication to thorough interviews and assembling great roundtables, was the clergy that led me to pray at the altar of Democracy on a weekly basis. While I'd still watch Chris Matthews and George Stephanopoulos later in the day, neither could truly compare to Russert's dedication to the truth, rather than entertainment or loyalty to past employers.

Tim had an exuberance for the political process and for this country that never seemed to lean left or right. He was an advocate for American democracy and a lover of the truth. I've never felt the words of For Whom The Bell Tolls ring more true during my lifetime than with this passing. The world is lesser for the loss.

Please forgive me this second interruption of the regular topics. This should be the last for awhile.

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