Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Chuck Dixon Out At DC Comics

Heidi MacDonald reports over at THE BEAT that Dixon is no longer employed by DC Comics.

Reaction from fans, thus far, seems to be mixed. Some are lauding his return of Spoiler, but I have reliable info that says the broad strokes of her return have been sitting with DC editorial just waiting for the right time to execute.

I haven't been much of a fan of his Batman & The Outsiders, as it suffers extreme decompression, IMO. Probably not the one to look to for a fair critique of that book, as the creative musical chairs and pulling a switcheroo with the cast (especially after having the readers invest in a five week event meant to select them) soured me before the first issue hit.



  1. It's a stupid move that will make me drop Robin and Outsiders.

    Outsiders felt a bit decompressed but it wasn't that bad because it was made to be a hit and run kind of arc where you don't get as lot of story while the team is out in the field; the added touch of the Dibny's at the end of the first arc was great.

    And Robin hasn't been this enjoyable since Willingham and McDaniels's run before Infinite Crisis, which I enjoyed.

  2. While critically Dixon's books were doing well, sales-wise they weren't probably performing to DC's expectations. Robin was pretty good, but his name didn't put asses in seats.

  3. He honestly didn't have enough time to gather an audience on Robin, IMO, given that there wasn't a relaunch to bring more attention to his return. But Batman & The Outsiders was his baby from the start of the series, so he's had just enough time to demonstrate something with that.

  4. It really wasn't his baby. The guy who originally was supposed to write it couldn't schedule correctly and dixon just walked in and did his thing.


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