Friday, June 20, 2008

I Don't Hate To Do This Quite As Much...

Remember how I took Newsarama to task for someone over there taking a conference call interview and saying that Newsarama went in-depth with the stars? How they threw "Newsarama" in front of every question as if it had been theirs, when it certainly wasn't?

Cue CBR's Dark Knight interview with Christopher Nolan...

They managed to take it a step further. The front page says that "CBR's Andy Khouri goes in-depth with director Christopher Nolan". The interview has "CBR News along with other members of the press spoke with Christopher Nolan", but they then proceed to label the first question as theirs and continue on in a way that implies each question is theirs.

Some of the same answers are over on, with the questions paraphrased. Actually, there's a few parts where the answers diverge slightly, in ways that indicate one of them is supplying a quote that isn't actually a quote. Given that SHH uses XXX as a stand in for parts of their recording that were unintelligible, I'd lean towards it being CBR that has the iffy quotes. Then again, that could indicate more of a need by SHH to get the idea of the statement right, if not the exact words. Given that SHH seems to include even the less necessary words (including verbal crutches like "you know"), I'm still leaning strongly towards CBR being the one supplying answers as direct quotes but getting the verbiage wrong.

I never thought I'd say this, but Wizard actually got it right. When I googled one of the sentences of a Nolan answer, I found it in their coverage. But, instead of dressing it up to make the casual observer think it was a question and answer led by one of their people, they wrote an article peppered with quotes from the director (and others, as they seem to have "blown their load" by sneaking multiple interviews into it).

At the time I'm writing this, Newsarama hasn't posted their interviews on the set of Dark Knight. Their first part is about the costuming, which involved interviewing but I haven't checked elsewhere around the net to see if others framed theirs as their own interview. Troy Brownfield wrote his up as an article with quotes scattered through it like the Wizard article.

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