Friday, June 13, 2008

R.I.P. Tim Russert

I normally keep my news and politics blogging segregated from my popculture stuff. But today, I was floored when I received a text message regarding the passing of Tim Russert.

One of my favorite parts of the weekend is getting comfortable in my favorite seat in the living room, setting up on the laptop, and watching my Tivo'd Sunday political talk shows. None stood out in my day more than Tim Russert's MEET THE PRESS. No journalist, in my opinion, did a better job of interviewing political figures without bias. He pressed for the hard answers without seeming disrespectful or resorting to ambushing.

My heart breaks at the loss, for no reason more than that his passing leaves both a father and a son to mourn such a loss on the weekend of Father's Day. This holiday has been a painful one for me since 2004, the first after the passing of my own father. I can only imagine their heartache this weekend. My thoughts and prayers go out to the Russert family...and to every family who will spend this Father's Day without the presence of their own father or a father without his child.


  1. As a native of Buffalo who majored in journalism as an undergrad, Tim Russert was definitely one of those people I aspired to be. And it was nice to have an unrepentant Buffalo homer in the mass media. Not to mention the fact that he gave me an award in high school for my (in retrospect, pretty awful) sports writing.

  2. Whatever sentiment he expressed towards the award recipients at the ceremony, I bet it was genuine and heartfelt. He was a class act.


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