Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Other Family

So, I was over on Every Day Is Like Wednesday the other day, where Caleb had a great blog really just savaging most of the newspaper comic strips that are published these days. In the comments section, it was pointed out that the only time Family Circus strips are funny is basically when people edit the captions to totally warp the meaning.

The Other Family is a site where such strips are collected. That site is not for everyone. The humor can really test your limits of what you find funny.

But some are real winners. Not many could really sneak by being displayed here, but here's two fairly tame ones:


  1. I hate to be the loser who pimps his own crap (and I do mean crap), but I have a somewhat NSFW "Luann" blog along the same lines:

  2. Hey, we don't frown on pimping 'round here, sir.

  3. Obviously, pimpin' ain't easy.

  4. You know what I wish was still around? The Family Circus by H.P. Lovecraft. That was basically lines from Lovecraft as FC captions but were side-splittingly funny. Unfortunately the author got spooked by rumoured lawsuit threats (from either Keane or the Lovecraft estate, I'm not sure which) and took it down.

  5. Yeah...there was a link to a blog that posted the Lovecraftian images direct from the photobucket account, but they seemed to have gotten deleted out of there, too.


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