Tuesday, June 24, 2008

If The MJ Statue Caused A Ruckus...

Scream Factory is set to debut their Bump statue at Wizard World Chicago. Here's the press release:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE THE SCREAM FACTORY DEBUTS MASSIVE LIMITED EDITION BUMP STATUE AT WIZARD WORLD CHICAGO 2008 THE SCREAM FACTORY will be appearing at Wizard World Chicago, June 26-29 in booth 933, and will unveil a truly unique, amazingly massive and EXTREMELY limited collectible!

The ‘Treehugger’ statue is based on the monstrous characters from the hit mini-series BUMP, featuring a terrifying three dimensional recreation of one of the cannibalistic minions of supernatural serial killer Eddie Dill, shown in all its bloody glory.

The statue was sculpted, cast, individually hand-painted and completely produced by Special Effects legend Robert Kurtzman and his 'Creature Crew' effects team (who also handle the special effects for the film), based on designs from BUMP creator Mark Kidwell. The piece is an imposing 22" tall by 12" wide and 12" deep, and features a scalp with real hair!

This is a Wizard World Chicago 2008 debut, and is available in EXTREMELY limited quantities. These are not "mass-produced" works, Every statue has been completely hand-crafted by Kurtzman and his team in preparation for the film’s special effects sequences.

About BUMP (the film and comic book series):

Directed by Special Effects legend Robert Kurtzman (director of WES CRAVEN'S WISHMASTER, creator of FROM DUSK 'TIL DAWN and F/X guru behind ARMY OF DARKNESS, KILL BILL, RE-ANIMATOR and many many more) and starring Tobin Bell (Jigsaw from the SAW franchise), Sean Patrick Flanery (THE BOONDOCK SAINTS, YOUNG INDIANA JONES) and Ashley Laurence (HELLRAISER, HELLRAISER 2), BUMP is based on the comic series of the same name by writer/artist Mark Kidwell and is a supernatural tale of extreme horror, where even the confines of the grave aren’t able to contain the brutal spirit of serial killer Edgar Dill, and his legion of monstrous Treehuggers! For merchandise and more info on BUMP visit www.bumpmovie.com.

About The Scream Factory:

THE SCREAM FACTORY, an alliance of film, music, literary and comic book professionals, offers a stunning selection of quality horror titles online. We take fiendish delight in telling readers that they can find the offerings at www.wowio.com at absolutely no charge!!! Get your latest Scream Factory news at www.myspace.com/thescreamfactory and www.bumpmovie.com

The statue?

OK, that goes further than bending over doing laundry, doesn't it? ;)

(I'm joking...there's no way that this stirs up the same controversy)

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