Monday, June 30, 2008

Whither Joe Quesada

One thing I heard over the weekend (from fans and people covering the convention, not Marvel artists or writers) was speculation about why Joe Quesada didn't attend the convention.

None of it was of the type floated about Dan Didio a few weeks ago. Marvel is having great success under Joe, so why would there be rumors of him getting fired?

No, some were speculating that he might be considering passing on the mantle. He's said more than a few times, to my recollection, that this wasn't something he expected to do forever. There are a lot of advantages to stepping away during such a good time for the company. Not only do you leave on a high note, but you're letting the new head honcho start out without having to try to repair any damage done by possibly overstaying your welcome.

In all likelihood, Quesada probably just had personal reasons for skipping Heroes & Wizard World Chicago that have absolutely nothing to do with even considering stepping down. I just thought it was worth mentioning.


  1. He said it was just personal stuff as well has having tickets to the Mets that weekend.

  2. Does he normally hit the Wizard Worlds? I went to the one in Philly a couple of times, but I don't remember if he was there or not. He was at the last Baltimore Comic-Con I went to (2006).

    Aren't Wizard Worlds kind of dying a slow death?

  3. Evan: Good to know. Well, hopefully good, depending on it being positive personal stuff, of course.

    Rick: Yeah, he does. He was at Wizard World Chicago last year. I can't remember if he was at Heroes Con last year or if he was at Wizard World Philly. If I remember correctly, the only reason he didn't make it to Heroes last year (if he wasn't there) was due to WWP and Heroes being on the same weekend.

  4. He was at WWP and not Heroes last year because they were on the same weekend.

    This year, he said he's flying to Europe this weekend, so he really wasn't keen on traveling with so little space in between.

  5. Good stuff. That makes a whole lot of sense, because all of that stress from the long days and nights at the convention and grueling travel could have ruined the trip. You have to delegate when you can. The Marvel panels were a smashing success with Bendis leading them in Chicago, so it all worked out.

  6. It would make sense in that he did do what he set out to do when he became EIC, you know put those three genies. With them gone he dosen't have any other goals so it would make sense he'd put the mantle up to someone else.


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