Saturday, June 21, 2008

Random Comic Thoughts

  • Does Tom Peyer have children? Because his short run on The Flash has led to the West children's inclusion in the book feeling a lot more natural than it did under Waid. Now there are grumblings that he's being replaced on the book permanently. Does DC no longer allow creative teams to find their audience?
  • Latest issue of JLA had numerous bits that flew in the face of logic. One of the most glaring (and I know this will sound nitpicky, but hear me out): the new Red Tornado redesign. OK, John wants to marry his lady and continue being a father to that little girl. Is this best done by drastically changing his outward appearance for no apparent reason? There doesn't seem to be an in-story excuse for why the new Tornado body would have a wildly different color scheme, other than letting readers differentiate from the good and bad Tornado. But with everyone trying to help John get back to having a normal life, it makes sense that no one would worry about the effects of a new look on his existing relationships? If I were that girl's age, I'd be pretty damn spooked about a jet-black (not a racial thing, folks, go look at the design) dad that would come in to check on me at night with glowing accents.
  • One of the side effects of not having much crossover material for an event like Final Crisis is the possibility of interest waning. I'm much more of a fan of DC franchises than Marvel ones, but Secret Invasion is more ever-present in my mind than Final Crisis. If there was even a little seeding of the Final Crisis story into the other monthlies coming out, it would help.
  • Nee resigns from DC Comics and 90% of the talk about it is centered around how this plays in the Didio drama or how this measures up as being the big news that Warren Ellis said might be coming that day. That's a shame.


  1. Does Secret Invasion taking up more thought time have anthing to do with a certain Mr Anonymous?

  2. Red Tornado has been a crap character since Meltzer's JLA reboot. Whiny, angsty, emo-bot that he is, his wife is even more annoying (because Meltzer can't write women, I've deduced). I liked him in Young Justice as the adult hero mentor (which was then ripped off by Heinberg somewhat in Young Avengers)), but not now.

  3. The black body is not a redesign. It was one of the leftover bodies from the multi-Tornado attack from the first JLofA arc. Most of the bodies were completely destroyed and Reddy's original body was heavily damaged also. The idea is that there was only one "Tornado" body left in decent enough condition for Reddy's "brain" and "soul" to inhabit. However, as seen in the last issue, The body now has Amazo in it and Reddy's original body seems to have been repaired by Amazo's hiding in it. In the end, I'm sure Reddy will wind up back in his original body.


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