Tuesday, June 10, 2008

When The Two Of Us Can Even Agree...

Occasional Superheroine: Titans: Should Be/Is

The Titans relaunch is shite? Check.
The T&A reaches ridiculous levels? Check.
The book looks like something that crawled out of the 90s? Check.
It basically needs a completely different creative team (and possibly editorial team) to become anything better? Check.

Oh...and not that anyone cares what I think...but I feel like Valerie's doing a pretty good job lately. I can even see that she's letting very vocal disagreement with her come through in the comments section, so it seems clear she's using moderation for the best intentions now.


  1. Chuck Dixon should write it.

  2. A conversation with my wife about Titans #1:

    Her: "What are you reading?"
    Me: "Titans."
    Her: "Oh." (Looks at art.) "Is that title referring to the orange girl's tits?"

  3. Heh...that's classic, right there. ;)


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