Friday, June 06, 2008

Fun With Press Releases: Wizard World Chicago Needs A Dictionary

Wizard has sent out their latest press release for Wizard World Chicago.

Wizard World Chicago will feature a very rare appearance by Alex Ross on Saturday. Wizard World, the largest family-friendly comics and pop culture convention in the central US, returns to Chicago June 26-29 at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center. For more information and to purchase advance tickets, please visit

Correct me if I'm wrong, but he appears at Wizard World Chicago every single year, because it is in his backyard. The only thing that changes about his appearances are who "sponsors" him driving into the city from the suburbs.

And so very rare that he was at NYCC about four months ago.

Someone there needs to be disabused of the notion that an annual appearance that is actually the second convention appearance of the year can qualify as rare, let alone very rare.

Update: As pointed out to me by a friend and the comment below, Alex Ross has a booth for his artwork to be sold by others every year but doesn't put didn't put in any official appearances at the con for years.


  1. I know this post is a few days past, but I thought I'd note that Alex Ross has not appeared at the Chicago show in at least the past three years. His "Art of Alex Ross" booth with the big chairs and the art for sale is always there, but the man himself doesn't often make an appearance of any kind.

  2. Yeah, I just had a friend of mine point out that information late last night. I meant to update the blog, but I crashed right after that conversation.


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