Monday, June 16, 2008

And Comics Journalism Needs A Russert

  • Rumors persist that Marvel_b0y was a viral campaign run by employees of Marvel, despite at least some sort of denial from Joe Quesada.
  • Countdown counted down to nothing, since it certainly didn't countdown to Final Crisis.
  • Grant Morrison says that he gave DC his first issue script and the outline for the entire mini-series long ago, yet rumors persist that Didio traveled out to Scotland because Morrison was delivering something different than he had previously laid out.
  • Dixon leaves DC; he didn't quit, yet he says he didn't have quite the passionate "YOU'RE FIRED!" moment. There are strong indications that Didio is the reason he's gone, but he won't spell it out further, as of yet. Keep in mind he said no comment next week and now he's been posting up a storm of comments alluding to what the heart of the matter is.
  • And now, despite protests to the contrary only a matter of weeks ago, JG Jones has obviously NOT been on schedule with his artwork for Final Crisis, as revealed now by Carlos Pacheco being added to the series as of Final Crisis #4.
  • Kinda indicates that Grant Morrison was full of it when he protested that things were way too far gone for them to have adjusted anything to meet up with where Countdown to Final Crisis left things. It wasn't a combination of things, it was simply the lack of desire to change things. Again, nothing wrong with that on his part. Should have left it at "I didn't want to" rather than trying to say circumstances made it too difficult.

Man, I wish there was someone that comic notables felt that they HAD to submit to being interviewed by and could press for firm answers (without being spat upon by half of the fans out there).

You know what is a shame? I find the mysteries of Marvel_b0y (still) and exactly what the fuck is happening at DC more compelling than the comic book event series at either company.


  1. Don't forget David Mack tracing from Adam Hughes. And Alex Maleev.

    And David Mack tracing from photographs.

    And Greg Land tracing from Greg Land (and others).

    And Pixe being turned into jailbait (who, looking at the cover to X-Men Secret Invasion #2, now has a D Cup at least).

  2. the hell did I forget to include the Mack dust up?

    Land's personal shortcuts (and continued high profile employment) isn't quite the inspired mystery of the other stuff, though I can understand why you'd bring it up. :)

  3. At Wizardworld Philly, J.G. said he wasn't worried about the FC schedule at all, which leads me to believe he knew about the fill-ins then, and that was the weekend the first issue was published. So, Didio knew then and likely before he suggested that the break week of the book we give us one continuous artist.
    As well, Didio, during the DC panel at the convention, said he "wasn't proud" of a lot of what Countdown gave us, yet he then turned around and said that weekly comics were there to stay with Trinity, offering up the same promises Countdown never followed through with.
    Mack also traced from Alan Davis.
    And what about Tokyopop's offer to steal anyone creative ideas and then changing their non-licensed books to internet online?

  4. Didio seems to be under a lot of fire lately for this shit. Kinda unfair on him. Glad to see Ellis made time to comment on it. Yo, Kev, when are you gonna post more shirtless vlogs?


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