Thursday, August 07, 2008

Update 六: SDCCI: Terry Dodson Sketch Work


Phantom Lady

Wizard Coraline

Black Cat 2

Ms. Marvel


Black Cat



Black Canary

Great work. It's all found here.


  1. Tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiits.

    Was this done for you? If it was, how long do the sketches at conventions usually take?

  2. Heh. No. I've not gotten so bitten by the sketch bug yet. I had a sketch book at my first con, back at WWC1997, but never went that route again.

    All of the Dodson art I display here comes from files shared at his fan e-mail list over on Yahoo Groups. There was a Fathom sketch, I think, but it's digital representation wasn't as clear as this one.

  3. Sweet picture and it's pretty tight too without his wife's inks on it. The Dodsons can do no wrong in my book.

  4. Well, doing more than 8 issues a year would be nice (if that)

    I like the Dodsons more than Cho, for some reason, despite them being almost the same in style. Cho is competent but I don't see what takes him so long (the same with McGuiness, really)

  5. I just wish he could do Uncanny all the time and not split duties with Greg Land. Preferably it would be Mike Choi(sp?) drawing the book (he proved he was worth the honor with his work on the last arc). I did hear that Greg's work was a bit better than usual on Uncanny #500 anyone know if this is true or not? I haven't read it yet.

  6. Valis,

    Land's work gets progressively worse and worse. His Uncanny was just trace after trace.

    There were a few panels of over exaggerated expressions, he couldn't use one woman to model Emma after, everyone had stubble, and his sense of perspective is really turning to crap (to deal with depth he just draws people smaller, and that's not how it's done)

    Dodson's work was nice and clean. His Japanese people didn't really look Japanese due to the way he normally draws eyes, but it's minor complaint.

  7. I fell in love with both the Dodsons' and Cho's work back on MK Spidey. So, yeah, they're aces in my book (though no one will ever supplant Paris Cullins as my favorite of all time).

    And Mike Choi? Great artist AND friend of Schwapp!!! And I don't just think he's a great artist because he's been nice to me and the site. :)

  8. "And Mike Choi? Great artist AND friend of Schwapp!!! And I don't just think he's a great artist because he's been nice to me and the site. :)"


  9. Hey...I bought the guy the drink I owed him and moved along. Nothing happened meant that in a different way?

    I brag not, sir. Or else I'd be talking about how I was recognized by G...never mind.

  10. Ken B.,

    It just dawned on me that my quote could come off as if I vaguely liked Land's work. I do not.

    Thanks, just wanted to clear that up!

  11. Dammit, where's the English-language Edition of Songes Coraline?! Who do I have to kill to make this happen?!

  12. Hey one's death will help. Find a more constructive way to go about this and you just might succeed. ;)

  13. Am I the only person who loves Land's artwork?

  14. Yes, Rocky, you are. And if you ever admit that while we're hanging out in public, I'll loudly declare, "I don't this person! He's been stalking me for the last X hours. Help!" ;)

  15. Thanks for posting the pictures. I don't have a Yahoo account so I can't get into the group.

    And Ken B. earlier, Dodson was able to turn in 10 issues a year during the MK:SM run so maybe it's just the writers he has been paired up with when he was at DC.

  16. True; I believe the Wonder Woman delays were due to Heinberg and then the rush to get the book back on a monthly schedule required sharing art chores. Somewhere in there, I think he injured himself, too.

    Then again, on MK Spidey, I think part of why they used Cho (in the middle of an extended arc, I believe) was to help make sure it stayed on schedule.

  17. Wow, my threats really got somewhere! Humanoids just struck a deal with Devil's Due, so DDP is going to publish English versions of Humanoids' European stuff -- including Songes Coraline. :D

    Hopefully, it comes out before something falls apart like it did with DC ...

    The system works! I'm one happy Spider. :D

  18. I hope they are more successful with it than DC was. But I'd be remiss if I didn't point out to you that DDP recently had to do a bit of downsizing, lost their biggest book (GI Joe) and are trying to be successful importing books that a company with a larger bank roll couldn't do for long.

  19. Nice catch Kevin. those are some wonderful drawings. It's a shame that DC couldn't manage to hold on to the couple, but I'm looking forward to them doing Uncanny.

    I'm amazed that he managed to make Rogue look classy, when she usually comes across trashy.

  20. Unfortunately, I think their involvement in the aborted Wonder Woman relaunch with Heinberg made them radioactive at DC, regardless of how little they were responsible for any of the problems. A shame, because they do great work.


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