Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Probably The Only Kamandi Relaunch I'd Buy

Paul Pope:

Might have been dept: At one point, Brian Azzarello and I were in the queue to get KAMANDI, THE LAST BOY ON EARTH-- from DC Comics... this and that happened and I decided on Batman year 100, Azz went on to Loveless...
I'd have been all over that. If they did an inks-only alternate interior, I'd probably have bought two copies. That image just sells it that much. Too bad.

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  1. You, but then you wouldn't have had the excellent relaunch of Komandi that we were given in 'Crapdown to Final Crisis'.

    Earth 1: Komandi + Granddad get locked in Command D. Granddad gets Omac Infection and becomes O.M.A.C.

    Earth 51: Komandi + Granddad get locked in Command D. Earth gets a virus with the name of a bacteria which makes all the humans turn into animals, and all the animals turn into humans. Granddad die, Kommandi emerges.

    Make any sense? Nope. Most of the damn series didn't though :-)


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