Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Scott Kurtz: Must Be An Artist, Cuz He's No Merchant (Update: and hatin' on Mile High Comics)

My review of Scott Kurtz, the PVPOnline merchant:

Ordered the t-shirt on July 4th. Didn't think it was insane to hope I'd have it in advance of the Batman movie.

I e-mailed on August 6th, when I remembered, "hey...didn't I order a goofy shirt? where the hell is it?"

It was delivered on August 25th.

As of yet, I have not gotten a single response to my e-mail or an explanation of why it took so long for this shirt to be delivered. I'm guessing the merchant may have held off on contacting me before the extremely late shipping as to not give me the chance to cancel the order.

If I ever get a response, I'm pursuing returning for full refund due to the extremely late delivery and piss-poor service.


  1. That is sucky! I ordered a whole bunch of stuff from www.milehighcomics.com on June 25th which I have yet to receive. I've send them 4 or 5 emails to inquire where they are, but no-one ever replies. Ridiculous!


  2. When I got back into comics a few years ago after a long absence I strartyed getting caught up with Mile High. What a horrible experience...from misgraded, over priced product to those INSANE weekly pottery updates via e-mail!

    Oy vey!


  3. Weekly, I get the damn emails every other day! They are always having some crazy sale, or some ridiculous offer. The emails are so boring, who gives a crap how many comic shows that Chuck Rozanski has been to in order to get special prices, argh!

    I've had slow shipping from them before, but this is taking the piss!


  4. Yeah, when I got back into comics in 2001, I went to Mile High to order some old issues I never had as a kid, as I remembered their ads from the old comics in my collection.

    These were early issues of the adjective-less X-Men and X-Factor, not hard to have in stock.

    Took two fucking months. Nearly made me want to quit comics again.

    When ever I have to order online I use lonestarcomics.com, they never let me down.

  5. Heh...I think I'll have to add something to the blog to recognize the turn the comments section has taken. Mile High Comics...f*** them dudes! ;)

  6. Still waiting for my comics from Milehigh. Considering nail bombing their main store. Sluts!

  7. Of course you're joking about the bombing part. But that does suck.


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