Saturday, August 30, 2008

Amazon Leaks?

Some or all of these may be the inadvertent leaks that Amazon often provides of upcoming trades and hardcovers coming out from the big two (with another few thrown in for good measure):

The DC Comics Library entry that sites "Various" for creators is DC COMICS LIBRARY: BATMAN: THE ANNUALS. The DC Comics Library entry that credits Jim Shooter & Curt Swan is DC COMICS LIBRARY: LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES: THE LIFE AND DEATH OF FERRO LAD.

All cited Amazon entries ship in 2009 to be relatively sure they haven't likely appeared in Previews yet. An overwhelming majority are February 2009 or later.

There's a little something for everyone in the advance solicited offerings. Don't like super-heroes? Well, there are new offerings from Chris Ware, Tony Millionaire, Lynda Barry, Tom Spurgeon, Anders Nilsen & Wilfred Santiago.

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