Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Cheap Content: Triumph At SDCCI


  1. I laugh and I laugh and I laugh.

    God, the way people look like they're trying to take it in stride, but you see the glimmer in their eye like their whole world has shattered, it's amazing.

    And Scott Kurtz looked like he was going to scream after the 5th fat joke (the guy does need to lose weight though, that's not healthy).

    People should at least try and throw something back at him, like say why Little Nicky sucked so much. Show some fight, people!

  2. What's funny is I know they guy in the bad joker get-up and I soooooo wished that triumph would have tore him a new one, oh so badly. Guy was kind of off anyway, like the small man syndrome or something. Suffice to say I didn't care for the guy much hence the wanting to see him getting torn a new one.

  3. Which Joker? The bearded one or the backpack one?

    And Ken, some of them might have tried...they are edited clips. :) But there's, also, the idea that they're probably not used to being in front of the camera...so there's some shock value. ;)

  4. The bearded one, sorry I forgot about the other joker with the backpack.

  5. No problem, sir. Yeah...I don't know him and I wish Triumph had really put the screws to him a bit more. ;)


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