Monday, August 25, 2008

Just So I Don't Go 0-For-Monday...

Busy day out in the real world today, so I didn't really have time to blog much today.

So I decided I'd throw a poll up. Which are you enjoying more: Final Crisis or Secret Invasion?

Before the events came out, I didn't even really think that'd be a hard call to make personally. Oh how things good in concept aren't always so good in execution...


  1. I'm gonna go with Final Crisis. I.m enjoying SI but it's been a tad disappointing and non-eventish.

  2. Without question Secret Invasion overall. For the column, I've actually read EVERY TIE IN, and over all, it's been amazingly well put together, well edited, and a cool impelling story.

    Final Crisis has been a charlie foxtrot so far, though some of the tie-ins have been fun.

  3. Yeah. And I call bravo sierra on all of DC's claims to have had this all worked out long ago. ;)


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