Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Mark Waid's Next Bat Villain Opinion

Mark Waid shared his ideas for the next villain to be used in the Bat flicks over on MTV's Splash Page:

Mark Waid (“Infinite Crisis”): “Catwoman needs to be part of it, that’s even more obvious now that he’s living on the other side of life. What a great parallel to Batman’s situation as a fugitive. But it would have to be something we haven’t seen before. The jewel thief thing was interesting, but it’s hard to relate to a jewel thief. It’s even harder to relate to a prostitute.

Of course, because people related to a psycho terrorist Joker so well. You're right, Mark, let's not risk having the next movie turn out like THAT bomb. Don't forget how little folks related to a genocidal psycho (Ra's Al Ghul) and a psychologist that was nuttier than his patients.

Besides, I don't know how hard it is to relate. How many straight guys would whore themselves out if there were a bigger market for their goods? ;)

Update: The anonymous comment below led me to think two seconds more about this topic and remember: PRETTY WOMAN. Yeah...people sure couldn't relate to Julia Roberts. Any character can be made relatable, it just takes a good writer putting forth enough effort.

“It would be fun to see them put a spin on a less obvious one like they did with Ra’s Al Ghul. I’d be hankering for the Mad Hatter. Granted, crimes about hats are a specialized field, but if you take it back to ‘Alice in Wonderland,’ and give it a weird, almost psychedelic worldview from that, it could be cool in their hands.”"

So, people can relate to a crazy, hat-obsessed, mind-controlling midget with a psychedelic worldview is easier to relate to? I mean...I dig this idea, definitely. But the rationale used in making one bad and the other good is just silly.

Of course, Mark's not the only one to defecate on the prostitute Catwoman thing. But none of the others followed up with an idea that blew their logic. Then, again, Mark might have explained it much better only to have MTV trim it down. But since I'm just having a little fun with it, I won't be torn up if that was the case. ;)


  1. Still bitter about Waid owning you online a couple of times, huh? I guess this also means it's time for another "I Still Hate Dan Slott" entry.

  2. Bitter? Does finishing off the blog saying that they might have truncated his response and that I'm just having a little fun with it sound bitter?

    And I didn't get owned by Waid. The man occasionally flies off the handle on boards and blogs, a few angry words does not an owning make. ;)

    Another Slott post? No. Would the title still be appropriate? Nah...won't waste the energy actively hating anyone. Each month he manages not to lose his shit about someone's negative Spider-Man opinion gives me hope that he's realized the error of his ways. ;)

  3. Oh...and to the anonymous person: you do realize that Mark Waid would tell you to post with your real name of fuck off, right? All I ask is for at least an identifier so I can keep track of who I'm talking to. And I don't even tell you to fuck off. ;)

  4. Who cares what Waid would do? (As if you really knew) I was just messin' with you. ;)

  5. A prostitute is so cliche though. And if Jolie is Selina it makes it even worse, a sense of being so damn obvious and "Hollywood"

    And Pretty Woman sucked.

    Mad Hatter will work. The Mad Hatter that showed up in Secret Six would be best, because there's a part you can empathize with (especially when that loser Ragdoll stabs him in the back and he snaps again)

    Clayface could work. And it's oh so happy a villain for CGI people.

  6. Anon: Ha. I still would prefer you drop a consistent nickname so I know who I'm talking to, but ok. And yeah...I can tell you what Waid would say because he blasted someone with that in a Blog@ comment.

    Ken B.: but didn't a bunch of people cry "HOLLYWOOD!!" over Ledger at first? Anyone who remembers Gia or Girl Interrupted knows she is a capable actress. Still not my first choice.

    I didn't think Pretty Woman was great, but the audience was able to relate to a prostitute.

  7. Jesus H. Vishnu, Mark Waid was credited with Infinite Crisis? What the hell did he do to deserve that?

    (though I've always felt he was the "inspiration" for Johns' take on Superboy...)

  8. Don't pull that BS, Kev. You DID get owned by Waid. ;)

  9. Dan: holy crap, how did I not pay any attention to that? The guy running the whole deal over at MTV's Splash Page was an editor at Vertigo. I don't know if that should make it more or less likely to let a mistake regarding DC Universe books to slip through...

    Spider: You got me...I was the one he told to fuck off. ;) (KIDDING)

  10. I think more of a bounty hunter twist would fit Catwoman more in the Nolan movies than just the tried lame prostitute route.


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