Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Mike Choi Rants: Giving People Something To Gossip Since...July 28th, 2008?

I'm surprised Rich Johnston didn't have something on this in Lying in the Gutters this week

Women in Marvel panel. Doesn't help that of the ten women up there, I knew that four of them were absolute cunts (and I fucking love 'em.) Good job, girls. I'd love to be a judge the next time you guys have a bake-off! (Seriously, anyone who thinks that all women think one way or the other, are male-sympathizers or male-bashers, needed to come to this panel. I'd like to think that we're hopefully adjusting ourselves to an equilibrium of how we treat the sexes. I think apologists are just as bad as the bashers, honestly, and that people should just treat everyone equally, and I think so did most of the people on the panel.) I didn't like one person though (whose name shall be withheld), only because she took Sonia's name card at the beginning and put hers in her spot, leaving Sonia to move to the end. That's a dick move.

God help me, I wanna know. I'd offer to buy Mike several rounds at the next con, but I know he has more integrity than that. ;)


  1. I remember Gail Simone saying that should couldn't stand working at Marvel, because it is a total boys club. All the women get treated like crap apparently.

  2. Well, Gail said she felt it was a bit of a boys club back then. I don't know that she meant people get treated like crap as much as they don't get to play their reindeer games.

    She and Bendis went a few rounds on that with her stressing that she was talking about HER experience back when she was there, not necessarily how things are now.


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