Sunday, August 10, 2008

Linkblogging: It's Not Just For Breakfast Anymore

  • Over at, John Siuntres has an excellent interview with Ethan Van Sciver where he drops an interesting Wally West nugget and mentions a possible candidate for Blue Lantern that you wouldn't expect. He, also, shares some general thoughts about what archetypes are needed for Black Lanterns. While you're there, consider subscribing to his podcast in won't be sorry. His interview with Don "King" Kramer was much more interesting than I expected.
  • The Funnybook Babylon's Chris Eckert takes an in-depth look at some of comic book journalism's shortcomings regarding convention coverage. On top of being interesting for it being an intelligent discussion about how incomplete and inaccurate coverage can be in the name of getting the news first, it, also, has the man who provided their examples (Hannibal Tabu) show up to protest several times about how much he DOESN'T CARE that people are criticizing. We all know that showing up on a blog to state how much you don't care if you're being skewered truly demonstrates that the subject doesn't care. Right.
  • @Hermanos...dammit...I mean David Brothers (must...stop...twittering) has a great piece examining Grant Morrison's original intentions for the Mister Miracle mini (as it relates to the race of the New Gods) and (as Bots'wana Beast put it) the black experience. One of the best parts for me was finding someone else who thinks Saul Williams is the shit.
  • Caleb over on Every Day Is Like Wednesday has a few great things going on right now. He's wrapping up his Bat(man Paul)Pope week and continuing his Justice League Ice Cream Social (which is fucking hilarious).
  • @TheOtherJeff (fuck it, I'm embracing my addiction) is running a Hawkman pitch contest on his blog that has a Benjamin Birdie original piece of art offered as the prize for the winner.
  • Magnus is THE DISSECTOR. OK, I haven't read this installment, but his work is normally so enjoyable that I'm linking it sight-unseen.
That's it for now. I'll drop more links next time (probably on the weekend, again).


  1. Thanks for the shout out. And Hawkman thanks you, too.

  2. Hey, thanks for linking my column; both in your sidebar as in this post. Your blog is now linked on mine too.


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