Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Covers Are Getting Pretty Bad...

Man, covers are getting to be more and more unrelated to anything that happens in the books they're on:

HULK #8 Written by JEPH LOEB Penciled by ART ADAMS & FRANK CHO 50/50 Covers by Art Adams & FRANK CHO Variant Cover by SAL BUSCEMA Looking to make a bombastically brilliant book? Here's what ya do: Have JEPH LOEB whip up two heaping helpings of Hulk. Get ART ADAMS to draw HULK vs. the maximum amount of WENDIGO monsters allowed on paper. Then get FRANK CHO to draw RULK whupping up on the gorgeous LADY LIBERATORS. Put both tales together, call the whole thing HULK #8. Bring to boil and serve. 32 PGS./Rated A ...$2.99
The cover is so detached from anything happening in the book that I almost didn't notice how horrendous the solicit was. ALMOST.

Sort of unrelated, but not worthy of a separate post:

Penciled by MARCO TURINI
Cover by GREG LAND
Nick Fury lost everything the day his Ultimates turned their backs on him, handing him to the Squadron Supreme. But Fury is finding that some old soldier’s habits die hard—and when four fantastically transformed astronauts go public with their powers, Fury makes a move toward a new superhuman vanguard...all this, and a classic Squadron member returns! Part 5 (of 6)
32 PGS./Parental Advisory ...$2.99
Dear God, Chaykin is just writing Marvel analogs into the Squadron Supreme universe now? He knows this isn't an Ultimates book, right?


  1. People have been saying the same thing for 60 years. I think the covers used to be done by someone else than the interior artist.


  2. Heh...yeah, but normally it was just a scene that didn't happen in the book, rather than a cast of characters that don't seem to be involved with the book at all.

    The Art Adams cover shows only characters that might show up in the Frank Cho story...with even that being unlikely. It's just...wrong. ;)

  3. Jeez that Hulk solicit really is terrible, I mean "Rulk" for crying out loud. There are lots of other ridiculous things in there too such as them calling Zeb Wells a "Spidey-Stalwart" after only doing 1 arc then leaving, the whole Secret Invasion "and the Marvel Universe will, and we're not joking, NEVER be the same again!" line that they use every other month.

    Not to mention that the New & Mighty Avengers ones sounds like it spoils something huge. I still can't get over how they told me months ago how much I enjoyed Kick-Ass months before I had read it. And the funny thing is, after I read it I hated it. They really need new writers on these things.

  4. In fairness, Paul, the New/Mighty Avengers solicits just imply there's going to be a major bomb dropped, I think. But you're spot on with everything else. ;)

  5. Yeah probably. Looking again the Mighty one is probably teasing the Skrulls winning but the New one seems to indicate Cage's wife gets revealed or at least he finds out about their Skrull baby. Ah we'll just put it down to standard Marvel hyperbole then.

  6. Forgot all about that Cage bit. Since we all saw the baby's eyes already, we knew there'd be something coming his way. The Mighty solicit just basically says it is a terrible time; could mean they took an L in the fight, there were losses on their side or they're reeling from Skrull reveals. Or none of the above. We'll see.

  7. Thunderbolts (And likely, "New Ways to Die") was also spoiled by the solicits, though it's a development I'm utterly pleased about.

  8. Don't get your hopes up too much for what you're thinking is happening.


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