Monday, August 11, 2008

Wow...Everyone Was Right About Scott Kurtz

David Brothers over at is riffing on a blogging/criticism controversy. Johanna takes umbrage at how a book Scott Kurtz was involved with (How To Make Webcomics) dismissed critics as making useless commentary about an artist's work. Scott, in turn, rattles inanely about how critics basically have no place in the creative process and should, like the Federation (from Star Trek), not try to interfere.

In his prattling, he gives an example about how Mike Krahulik used a new coloring technique on Penny Arcade. He sent an e-mail to tell him it was awesome and to ignore any criticism of it. Turned out that he already was bowing to the complaints and going back to the old style.

It would seem that Scott Kurtz is oblivious to how critics both compliment and deride aspects of a work. Scott was offering CRITICal praise...and expected it to have a place and possibly be listened to. But any and all negatives should go the fuck away. only sycophants need apply. WHAT. A. DICK.


  1. Just don't try to share a van from the hotel to the funny book convention with him. Even if you are a fellow comic book artist.

  2. That was him? Oh, it explains so much.

  3. 'cuz he's fat, right? So many, many fat people in the comic world, why can't they just take a walk around the block. Hell, artist are so slow these days I thought it was part of their contracts? (a double zing! USA! USA!)

    The only good PVP comic was the "Batman/my parents are dead" strips. Everything else is just boring.

    Like CtrlAltDelete. And VGCats. And every other web comic besides Penny Arcade and Zero Punctuation.

  4. Scott Kurtz is fat? I never noticed...

  5. Oh, come on, don't be mean Ken! CAD has quite a few funny moments (every Church of Gaming arc, for example), and VGCats has had some of the funniest one-shot comics I've read. But yeah, PVP never did it for me. I agree there.

  6. Er... Zero Punctuation isn't a webcomic, is it?

    And while yeah, Kurtz is Mr. Drama, JDC loves to pick fights. Though in this case she really wasn't.

  7. JDC loves to pick fights? I never noticed...

  8. Zero punctuation isn't a comic, but it's the focal point of video reviews like Penny Arcade is to webcomics. They are the best at what they do, and it's unleashed a slew of shit wannabes.

    CAD is nothing more than the wet dream of the creator making his character this awesomely rad Poochy knockoff (and the art sucks and the panels are FILLED with too much text).

    PVP kinda wanders off, and it annoys me that I have a basset hound and Kurtz has a basset as well. What the hell?

    And VGCats is too sporadic in release to count.

  9. I'm not a big webcomic reader, though I've come to really like Menage A 3. So I'll skip commenting on the quality of the other strips cited. Heck, I've never even been much of a reader of PvP.

    But as far as Johanna, I don't think she will shy away from a confrontation, but I don't know that she actually seeks them out. She could blog about sugar and spice and everything nice, but who wants to do that (or read someone do that)? She blogs about topics she has a passionate opinion about.

    I'd be curious to get everyone's opinion: in posting this blog about Scott Kurtz's feelings about critics, am I looking for a fight?

  10. Just reading his last 5 months of comics was incredibly bad, but this swamp of creosote called Kurtz has, with his abysmal LOLBAT vomit, has actually reduced the mean of humor in the universe. He not only can make a strip unfunny in a 4th vector (the first 3 being funny, not funny, unintentionally funny) but he can actively make a strip so unfunny when trying to be funny that he has left a discolored piss stain on the whole idea of humor. This invertebrate Kurtz should have a restraining order placed on him, restricting him from the internet, its memes and from life in general. Prison in the jelly jail is what I would sentence him to.

    If he was lighter, we could say he had jumped the shark many months ago, rather I think he slithered over it. Well Scott, you just keep on turning that crank on the shit grinder you call a pen, and make us all a big steaming crapburger.

  11. to be fair fat isn't the right word here. freakishly, horribly morbidly obese would work. i-can-actually-hear-his-organs-being-crushed-but-his-near-elephantine-mass-that-doesn't-even-look-human-shaped too.


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