Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Stuart Immonen: Hurting US Authors In Foreign Markets?

I had caught a Twitter that Fabrice Giger (CEO of Humanoids) threw Stuart Immonen under the bus in his 'Rama interview but never got around to looking at it.

NRAMA: Stuart Immonen’s Sebastian X.

FG: I am really sad about the fact that Stuart chose to go exclusive with Marvel after having completed only the first book of this series, killing it before it even launched. This is one of the best scripts I have read in a long time. The lesson learned here is that we will never again sign with an author in the US market if he doesn't commit to finish the series he started.

Yeah...that's kinda shitty. That's only one side of it, though, so I'm not going to take that version as the gospel. I do, however, find it hard to imagine there's a version that leaves Immonen come up smelling like roses.

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