Friday, October 24, 2008

UPDATE: And No More Developing Stories For Him, Either...

1st & 2nd blogs are both gone. Which is GOOD NEWS!

Update: Removed the links to the previous blogs as a comment suggested. Giving printscreens of the blogs.

As you can see, someone picked up the initial blog address and posted their commentary on the whole thing. The second one was quite forcibly removed by Google, it appears. One can be fairly certain this was due to pressure from a legal team Wrangling Blogger into pulling it down.

Update 2: You should really take a look at Valerie D'Orazio's take on the insider.


  1. good thing his blog has already been mirrored for posterity.

  2. Bad idea to supply any links to the blog if you really don't want this getting out. People can still learn about the rumor with the URL and very simple Google Fu.

  3. Why would you say its good news? You repeated his information in your blog, even if it was a little subtle.

    Assuming people read the tags after your posts...

  4. What's out is out. If people read the comments, they'll see my explanation for why I bothered to comment on that particular rumor.

    The rest of what he has reported is just completely vicious for no other purpose than to be so. Even the rumor I commented on shouldn't have been reported without the consent of at least one party involved.

  5. Bad idea to supply any links to the blog if you really don't want this getting out.

    Good point. Links removed. I'll go back and get screen shots of the shutdown and negative comment on the original.

  6. Just noticed this, but his blog may be down, but the actual comments and entries are still up.

  7. Hey Kevin,

    seeing as I got to the revelation party late and missed all the juicy details I did some digging, the results I posted here

    (link deleted)

    What's up with you owning

    Have I got totally the wrong end of the stick here?

  8. Ugh. No. As a few friends and colleagues know, I had planned to leave that up for the weekend, tease that something was coming Monday and then just post the results of how many hits the blog got to shine a light on how many people were just frothing at the mouth to see more.

    Of course, I forgot to pull all information that demonstrated it was one of my blogs when I created it. But I had nothing to do with the original blogs, as DC & Google would be pretty well aware of.

    I have no interest in reporting those stories. I commented on the first one for reasons I explained in my blog.

  9. Thanks for the prompt response, it's good to get to the truth of the matter when someone posts untrue allegations (you know, instead of deleting blogs and pretending accusations don't exist)

    If you truly don't want to report the story I suggest you do a better job of not talking about it though, as I said on CBR it was through the tags and screenshots on your blog that I was able to track back to the cache of the original accusations.

    Its funny in a way because this is exactly the issue I had with you hashing out those Dark Reign spoilers a while ago (check the ip addresses, it was I); if you don't want to talk about something don't, if you do, do. Trying to do both, especially while leaving little breadcrumbs like the tags is just insulting to your audience, it's saying

    "Nyah nyah, I know something about jg jones, jann jones and dan didio, and its shocking, but you can't know cos blah"

  10. Agree to disagree on the breadcrumbs (as you call them) being such a big deal. Anyone willing to dedicate enough effort is going to find out about the rumors.

    Your Google Fu is strong. I really don't think identifying that one of the iterations of his blog was on is really key to finding it. I don't think "nada to see" is really tipping things in your favor, either. There are enough places out there you could find the info.

    My commenting vaguely on the one rumor was aimed at the many who did read it and was done at a time where I didn't expect DCCI would get shut down so quickly. It wasn't a Nyah Nyah Nyah at all.

  11. Kevin, you can't really agree to disagree on this point. I described the exact process I went through to get to the allegation in my post at CBR and your blog post was instrumental, that's not something you can have a different opinion on, it's a fact.

    Whether I would have found it eventually anyway is a different story, what I find a little disingenuous is that you claim to not want to discuss the allegations, and yet leave enough information for them to be found.

  12. Agree to disagree on the breadcrumbs (as you call them) being such a big deal. Anyone willing to dedicate enough effort is going to find out about the rumors.

    Good thing I didn't disagree with whether you used my information, PBR. I said you would have found what you were looking for, regardless.

  13. Let me get this straight; you don't think the tags were such a big deal because I would have found the information regardless. Right?

    What I'm saying is that the above is meaningless because the way I DID find the information WAS through your tags, so they are a big deal. See?

  14. PBR: you seem to concede that you could have found them without my tags if they didn't exist. My contention is that the "breadcrumbs" you took from my tags aren't such a big deal if you'd have had the ability to find those cached entries regardless of my tags. One way or another, due to your obsession with finding out the details, you would have found them.

    I contend that you're only pushing so hard to convince me that I've already accidentally given away so much is that you hope I'll say, "oh, what the hell...guess I should give all the other information!" I'm basing that on your continuously calling upon others to post the gossip you still can't find in that CBR thread.

    Ain't gonna happen.


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