Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Scare Tactics Are Getting Ridiculous Now...


  1. That's not a scare tactic. That's a joke. Kind of like Obama as Superman.

    I've been mulling over chaging the cover of Final Crisis #4 to have Obama's face on it, with a hammer and sickle symbol on his fists, is that a scare tactic? Nah.

    Also, if it has Hillary in it, that means this was done during the primary, not recently. Can't blame those evil republicans for this one.

    In the comics arena, people are cranking away on pro-Obama stuff, you've posted some of it. Just because one makes fun of the dear leader don't get all huffy.

  2. Way to be Larry Literal, Ken. ;)

    I know it isn't a scare tactic and it was from the primaries. That was just the most relevant framing title I could give the pic.

  3. Sorry, it's just there was a blog over at blog@Newsarama where the posters was just offended by a political cartoon showing Powell as a Benedict Arnold, when worse has been done to conservatives all the time. We're used to being made fun of, but liberals aren't. Now you know how it feels. ;)

    Also, the new way comments are done is blah.

  4. I'll throw a poll up about the comments. If a majority agree with your stance, sir, it shall be changed back.

    Haven't seen the Benedict Arnold cartoon. I don't think I want to, either. Heard there was "black-face" involved.

    Don't get how supporting a Democrat makes him such a traitor, though.

  5. Probably the same way he would've been a race traitor or aan Uncle Tom if he would've thrown his support to McCain. Many people's politics in this country have passed a milestone marker a long, long time ago. Nowadays it's not enough to be right while your opponent is wrong, you have to demonize him in the eyes of the people too. Both sides do it, and it's pretty damn sad every single time.



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