Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Web Comics Week: Circle Vs. Square

A reader e-mailed in to suggest CIRCLE VERSUS SQUARE be included in Web Comics Week. After I recovered from the shock of having a reader that would actually e-mail in with something constructive ;), I checked it out.

It obviously not an artsy web comic, but what it lacks in stunning graphics it makes up for with wit and inventive situations to place the characters in.

The main thrust of the comic is, as the title would suggest, pitting Circle & Square against each other. There's no real basis for the animosity, which the creator kind of admits in the way it is introduced in the first installment. But you quickly forget about that (as you should for a nonsensical humor strip) and sit back to enjoy the ride.

As I've stressed in the last two reviews, delivering the funny in each strip is important. Circle Vs. Square consistently follows the rule. Even during the Election (for lack of a better term) plotline, there are jokes delivered in each installment (and good for a chuckle 9 times out of 10).

The one drawback with the current Election arc is that it's a little unfriendly to new readers. Some of the jokes are more reliant on continuity and many characters are mentioned without appearing on panel or being given any bit of background. But I guess that's one of the benefits of being a free webcomic: that "FIRST" link is always there to take you back to a new reader friendly place in its history.

If you dismiss this comic based on the often basic drawings, you're making a big mistake.

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  1. Hey there, it's Wakcher, writer of the comic here. Thanks for the review, much appreciated! It's true the latest election story arc, which is just now wrapping up, becomes less friendly to the new reader, especially as the climax is being reached. But then, I'm having fun experimenting with the longer, more intense story, so I hope that in the end we will end up with is a little bit of both. It's gone on longer than I expected, but hey, the story must be told!


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