Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cheadle Machine?

According to the rumor mill, Terrence Howard wants too much money to reprise his role as Rhodie, so the studio is turning to Don Cheadle.

I don't know which is a sadder development: that Howard is being replaced or that Don Cheadle commands less money than him.


  1. Doesn't seem like a good move on Howard's part. This a 3-picture deal he's walking away from, plus a potential spin-off series of his own. I wouldn't be half-surprised if the Cheadle business turned out to be rumor generated by the production company in the hopes of getting Howard to relent. Don Cheadle just doesn't seem to fit the role of War Machine. Howard - Hell yeah.

  2. After seeing Cheadle's work in Traitor recently, I don't think he is that bad of a fit for the role.

    I certainly won't be upset to see Howard wind up continuing in the role, but I'll be happy with Cheadle.


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