Monday, October 27, 2008

Vixen Mini-Series

(Vixen #3 Cover by Josh Middleton)

Somewhere on this site, I lamented the angle they were taking with the Vixen mini-series. To some extent, I still feel that way. But G. Willow Wilson has certainly produced some quality for the chosen angle.

She's managed to include the JLA in enough of the book to possibly help in its marketing. The direction she has taken the story managed to be compelling on several fronts...and timely to boot.

Dealing with what amounts to tribal warfare and potential acts of genocide, the conflict is clearly established. Given the personal motivations of Vixen's presence, the reader can easily become emotionally invested in the story.

(Vixen #4 Cover by Josh Middleton)

So, while I still think they could have gone more audience-friendly by keeping the story more like the JLA arcs that new readers have come to know the character through, G. Willow Wilson and editorial are certainly trying to make it successful while giving us a story true to the character's roots. DC's commitment to the mini is evidenced on using Josh Middleton as the cover artist. He's pretty much one of their marquee artists as it applies to covers, so I don't think they take his assignments lightly.

In my opinion, they are putting out a quality product that still might have a chance to catch a decent share of the JLA audience. Which is much better than I thought they were going to accomplish going in.

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