Friday, October 17, 2008

Quite Possibly Fan Reaction To Final Crisis Tie-In Minis

(as in there's a fire burning in the tie-ins when there isn't in the main book)

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  1. You know, even of the tie-ins, the only one I've really enjoyed has been Legion of 3 Worlds. I picked up the first two issues of Revelations & was underwhelmed. It's Rucka's pet characters as seen during FC, & honestly - killing Dr. Light? What a waste. Last Will & Testament was a continuity mess, but the Kubert art was pretty good. Rogues Revenge only served to wipe the slate clean for yet ANOTHER Flash revamp - that's what, four now in as many years? First Wally was gone & Bart stepped in, then they killed Bart & brought back Wally, & now it seems Barry Allen is making a return. Enough already.

    Legion, though - that one has been outstanding. Johns is really nailing the voice of the Legion, & this is some of the best Perez art I've ever seen. I'm really hoping this signifies a Johns-helmed relaunch of the Legion, & that he stays on the book a good long while. Even if he doesn't have Perez on art duties, Johns would be enough for me to pull the book monthly. Hell, he has me checking out back issues from way back when. He's one of the few writers capable of getting me to do that, especially with characters I've had only mild interest in.


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