Tuesday, October 07, 2008

SAWMANIA Hits NYC In November


Meet "SAW" Legends Tobin Bell ("Jigsaw") and Shawnee Smith ("Amanda")

Get Autographs From the Stars of the "SAW" Movies

Take Photos with the Puppet and Inside the "SAW" Bathroom

(New York) SAWMANIA, the ultimate experience for fans of the SAW movies, comes to New York City, November 14-16, 2008. For the first time ever, fans of the blockbuster SAW franchise will have the opportunity to meet the stars from all five SAW movies, including horror legends Tobin Bell ("Jigsaw") and Shawnee Smith ("Amanda"). Fans interested in this once-in-a-lifetime SAW event can go to: www.sawmania.com

SAWMANIA attendees will have the opportunity to:

  • Get Autographs from and Take Photos with their favorite SAW stars
  • See Amazing Traps, Props and Wardrobe from the five SAW movies
  • Get a Photo of Themselves Inside the Legendary SAW bathroom
  • Take a Picture with the Puppet that was seen in the SAW movies
  • Go to Parties with the SAW Stars and Attend Question and Answer Sessions

"The most loyal and dedicated fans in the world are SAW fans," says event organizer John Raybin. "This event is built for the fans, and it's an experience that every SAW fan will want to enjoy." SAW V opens in theatres October 24. The Twisted Pictures/Lionsgate distributed SAW films have theatrically grossed over 550 million dollars worldwide. SAW is the most successful horror movie franchise of all-time!

Appearing at SAWMANIA are the following actors and filmmakers: Tobin Bell ("Jigsaw"), Shawnee Smith ("Amanda"), Costas Mandylor ("Hoffman"), Betsy Russell ("Jill" - Jigsaw's Wife), Beverley Mitchell ("Laura" in SAW II and "Lucy" in 7th Heaven), Mike Butters ("Paul"), Mark Rolston (SAW V, Aliens and The Shawshank Redemption), Kevin Greutert (Editor and SAW VI Director) and Producer Mark Burg.

SAWMANIA is being held at BLVD in New York City on Friday, November 14 from 1-6PM, Saturday, November 15 from 10AM-6PM and Sunday, November 16, 2008 from 10AM-5PM. Fans are urged to buy their tickets in advance at: www.sawmania.com or by calling 203.661.4444. Tickets may be purchased on the day of the event at: BLVD, 199 Bowery, New York City. BLVD is accessible by subway, train and bus.


  1. Would be a good opportunity for the government to radio tag all of those SAW fans, lol.

  2. Ha! I guess there's a percentage of the audience that watches the movies for helpful hints and tips. ;)

  3. To be serious for a moment, the folks involved with the event (especially the top-billed guests) are top quality talent. I've listened to several interviews with Shawnee and Tobin, with them always being very entertaining.


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